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Vermont Moose Lottery

For those interested in such things (such as myself) the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife has posted the 2012 Moose Permit Lottery Applications online.  This year the numbers of permits being drawn is down from last year with rifle permits numbering 385 and the archery opportunities remaining at 50 permits.  This years deadline for application is July 5th.  Be sure to consult the VT Fish and Wildlife website for season dates and details.

As far as we know the hard copy applications will be made available though Lic Agents in June, so if you are more of a pen and paper type person, we should have the applications in the shop sometime next month. 

Remember, to apply for your points even if you are not going to hunt or you drew a tag within the past three years, and are not eligible to draw a tag as a result.  You can still obtain the points.

Good luck everyone. 

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