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Vermont Moose Hunt

Well the Vermont moose population will be reduced by some number this year however I can assure you I will not be to blame.  Yup you guessed it, I am one of the majority who applied but was not drawn for a tag in 2012.  Make no mistake, I am not bitter, nor do I think there is some sinister conspiracy at work keeping me from my "right" to kill a moose.  As a matter of fact I am quite lucky when it comes to the moose lottery in VT compared to some hunters.  In the decades the lottery has been held I have drawn two tags and my wife one.  We have not one moose on the ground to show for our efforts but the hunts are great fun and I will continue to apply as long as they have the drawing.

Now I know there are those of you out there who have not been selected in all the years of the drawing even though you have not missed a single year.  Chin up fellow hunters it will happen eventually.  Granted with fewer tags being given and the multiple points being collected, the odds may not be in your favor but what the heck it is a good thing to toss your $10 in the pot and see what happens. 

For the many like myself who will be going to Island Pond on opening day to see the moose arrive in all manners of trailer and truck, and listen to the "So there I was, just me and him in the swamp" stories, we must march on.  This is not the end of the world as a matter of fact it is just start thinking of deer season and imagine all the moose you will see while chashing whitetails...then next summer play the lottery again.

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