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About Us

The Next Generation of Wool - It is here!!!!

For generations, farmers, hunters, and outdoorsmen alike have extolled the virtues of wool for its ability to retain its warmth, even in the most unforgiving conditions.  These pioneers of the North faced the worst mother nature could dish out, on the farm, on the jobsite and on the track of whitetail bucks, and they did so in the comfort of their favorite wool outerwear.  In 1999 another avid outdoorsman saw the need to further improve on the natural qualities of wool and Beagle Outdoor Wear was born.  The quest was to develop an outerwear which was light, yet warm, water resistent yet quiet.  The garments needed to be functional for a variety of applications, comfortable to wear for hours on end and withstand the abuse any hardcore hunter could put them through. Suffice it to say, he did well.

We feel the Beagle Outdoor Wear of today, not only meets these exacting demands, but it has proven time and again to exceed even the most lofty of expections.

In December 2010, we purchased the company with the goal to bring Beagle Outdoor Wear out of the shadows of the outdoor industry and put it on the backs of outdoorsmen and women across the country.  In an economy where every dollar counts, we are committed to quality and longevity of our products.  We are thankful for the many blessings we have in our lives and for the loyalty of our customers.  As a company we are also devoted to our employees, who take such great pride in the work they do and the product they present to the public each and every day. 

Our commitment to maintaining our Vermont roots, while so many of our competitors are outsourcing off shore is a constant challenge, yet proving to be the right course of action for our organization.  US Made in the past stood for quality, durabiity, and craftsmanship,  too often today these attributes are set aside for increased margins, while good hard working Americans are loosing their jobs and watching them go off shore.  Beagle Outdoor Wear for one is bucking this trend, we are confident we can succeed, and stay put...right here in the US.  Providing jobs to hardworking Americans who still take pride in a honest days work and a job very well done.  We are proud to be working side by side with the folks who have stood by us as we strive to take Beagle Outdoor Wear to the top of the industry.  Their loyalty and trust are appreciated.

We are proud of our product, the work that goes into each and every piece, and of those who work so hard to produce...and purchase it.  We are humbled by the hundreds of compliments we receive and by the many outdoor industry professionals seeking us out with whom to work.  We are also thankful for the comments which outline areas where we can improve and make our products better - afterall, our customers are the best sources for this information, everyday is a field test.

We are thankful for the sacrifices made by our families while we spend countless hours traveling and working in a constant effort to meet our goals, for without their support we would not be able to live this dream. 

Beagle Outdoor Wear WILL evolve into an industry leader and we hope our little company will also become a bench mark for other US based companies and products to be measured.  Please continue to visit our site to purchase your Beagle Outdoor Wear products, find an Authorized Dealer in your area, or learn more about our company and products.

It is said that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.  If that is true...the two of us should really get to work.

Thank you, and Beagle Up!!!

Emile and Derek