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Selecting the Beagle Outdoor Wear Series that is right for you. THE STALKER

In our last post we highlighted the Tracker Series of gear and the conditions and activity levels forwh ich the Tracker is best suited.  In this; the second installment we will discuss the Stalker and how to best utilize our mid weight product to get the very best our of the garment.

The Stalker Series Coat, Pants and Bibs are designed fof those cold, less than ideal weather condition days that really test a hunters resolve.  Those days when the morning greets you with a howling wind, freezing rain or snow - those are Stalker days.  When your activity level is less, such as still or stand hunting, ice fishing, water fowl hunting, times in the field where static movement is the norm, is perfect for the Stalker weight gear. 

So, what makes the Stalker the choice of hunters in the nastiest of weather?  It is the 22 oz wool with it's tight weave and water repelling treatment, coupled with the wind and water barrier laminate that will keep you warmer and drier than any product on the market today.  The Stalker coat is equipped with a cavernous storage compatment in the back, which makes it easier to carry the extras you will need for a day in the woods. 

The Stalker is available in all of our normal colors.  Check it out for this fall.

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