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For many of us the actually doing of something is far less time consuming than the time we spend procrastinating.  Think about this for a minute, how many times have you put off cutting the lawn, getting your oil changed, going to the dentist or shoveling the deck in the dead of winter?  You put it off like that New Years resolution you make every year to lose that extra 20 pounds, or quit smoking - dare I say avoid it like the plague? 

Ladies, please do not read anything into this, like I am only focusing on the men out there in Beagle nation, but honestly when it comes to procrastination men are pros.  As a gender our ability to put the necessary off until the last possible minute is stuff of legend.  This blog post is a perfect example, I started it last week and here we are...finally putting fingers to the keys while parked on the couch watching the ball game.  Really?  What was the hold up?  Well there is a fair amount that goes into owning Beagle Outdoor Wear, but honestly...prioitizing, ok procrastination.   So now you wonder why am I spending this time finally posting my blog entry and doing so to discuss how we guys are slackers and put things off, right?  Well here is the answer.

In just a few short weeks (10 to be slightly more accurate) we will be seeing the first of the leaves change on the tree down the road on Mrs. Kiser's lawn (always the first around here).  The nights will start to get colder, and that darn skunk that has given me the slip all summer will be out digging ankle breaking holes in the lawn.  I will be wrapping up the summer tune up for Oakley my trusty shorthaired pointer readying her for the season, and the coed beer league softball season will be over.  Moose hunters will start scouting in earnest and some guys will get treestands hung. 

So of all the preparations, what is left out?  Oh yeah replacing those old woolies that have holes in them.   You know who you are, Mr.  Oh S*&% it is opening day and I can read the paper through the seat of my pants or Uncle "Honny I think you put my woolies in the drier last year...they wont button".  Don't be in that position again, get it taken care of now, and if you are reading this, I am sure you know what gear to get into.

Ask any of your buddies who have Beagle Outdoor Wear, make the investment, but do so now.  Don't wait or you will be cold and wet again this fall.

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