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Show Circuit 2013

As many of you who follow us on Facebook and the like, know we typically participate in a few consumer Outdoor shows each year.   In the past couple of years,  we have been at a variety of venues in NH, VT, MA and yes even WI.  Each of these events provides us with the opportunity to meet a few folks and hopefully spread the message of Beagle Outdoor Wear and allow hunters and outdoors people from other areas to be exposed to our product line.

In addition to meeting some great people we also typically have some sort of adventure along the way and this February in Worcester MA was by far the most interesting of them all.  Winter Storm Nemo (I am not sure when we started naming snow storms but anyway that is another matter) decided to join the NE Fishing and Outdoor Expo for a couple of days.  As a parting gift the storm left the area under more than 2' of snow and crippled the state.  The Gov of MA issued a state wide travel ban so we were confined to our hotel and the scho was forced to close early on Friday and open late on Saturday.  As you can imagine the weekend was pretty much shot after that. 

Most vendors made the best of a bad situation and rolled with the punches.  There were a few die hard folks who came out on Saturday evening to see the show and take a break from digging out.  As I write this we are 90 minutes away from opening for the final day of the show.  It is sunny and cold outside but the roads are clear and we could see some activity today....let us hope so.

For the remaineder of 2013 our show schedule is completed and we will be focusing on development of new product, launching our contract manufacturing and embroidery business and further expanding the Beagle Outdoor Wear market.  We will see you all in Essex VT in January of 2014 and going forward we will make appearances at other shows with our dealers and friends at Big Woods Bucks and Big Woods Adventures TV. 

If you are a retailer and looking for a new line of high quality US Made gear for your loacation, please contact us, we would love to speak with you. 

VT Turkey Season is less than 3 months away!!!!