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Blog posts of '2012' 'May'

Selecting the Beagle Outdoor Wear Series that is right for you. THE STALKER

In our last post we highlighted the Tracker Series of gear and the conditions and activity levels forwh ich the Tracker is best suited.  In this; the second installment we will discuss the Stalker and how to best utilize our mid weight product to get the very best our of the garment.

The Stalker Series Coat, Pants and Bibs are designed fof those cold, less than ideal weather condition days that really test a hunters resolve.  Those days when the morning greets you with a howling wind, freezing rain or snow - those are Stalker days.  When your activity level is less, such as still or stand hunting, ice fishing, water fowl hunting, times in the field where static movement is the norm, is perfect for the Stalker weight gear. 

So, what makes the Stalker the choice of hunters in the nastiest of weather?  It is the 22 oz wool with it's tight weave and water repelling treatment, coupled with the wind and water barrier laminate that will keep you warmer and drier than any product on the market today.  The Stalker coat is equipped with a cavernous storage compatment in the back, which makes it easier to carry the extras you will need for a day in the woods. 

The Stalker is available in all of our normal colors.  Check it out for this fall.

Selecting the Beagle Outdoor Wear Series that is right for you.

If there is a question we are asked perhaps more than any other when folks visit us at our Factory Store, email us or catch up with us at one of the many shows we attend throughout the country it is "Which Beagle series should I get?"  The first tongue in cheek answer is ususally, "One of each", but then threr is a serious answer to this question.

Providing our customers with the "Next Generation of Wool" means to also provide you all with the necessary information to make an informed decision relative to the Beagle Outdoor Wear Series that is best for you.  To do this, we also ask questions: What type of hunter are you?  Do you track, still hunt or sit on stand for hours on end?  What type of climate do hunt in?  Are the seasons in your state running later into the year?  These are all important pieces of information which will lead us to the perfect gear for you.

Over the next several posts on our blog we will explain the various options available to you in the hope to allow you to make the most informed decision possible. 


The Tracker Series is designed for the active hunter in cool temperatures.  Ideal for, tracking, hiking, and periods of higher activity this series of pants, and coats provides the inherent warmth and breathability of wool, along with the water repellency of our Beagle Outdoor Wear 22 oz. wool.  As with all Beagle products the Tracker is available in a variety of colors (Red and Black Plaid, Green and Black Plaid, Solid Green and Mossy Oak Break Up Camo), and is fit with our moisture wicking fabric.

We recommend this series for the ACTIVE hunter and outdoorsman. 

Vermont Moose Lottery

For those interested in such things (such as myself) the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife has posted the 2012 Moose Permit Lottery Applications online.  This year the numbers of permits being drawn is down from last year with rifle permits numbering 385 and the archery opportunities remaining at 50 permits.  This years deadline for application is July 5th.  Be sure to consult the VT Fish and Wildlife website for season dates and details.

As far as we know the hard copy applications will be made available though Lic Agents in June, so if you are more of a pen and paper type person, we should have the applications in the shop sometime next month. 

Remember, to apply for your points even if you are not going to hunt or you drew a tag within the past three years, and are not eligible to draw a tag as a result.  You can still obtain the points.

Good luck everyone. 


At long last the winter (or what there was of it) is over and with the arrival of May comes the Spring Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt in Vermont.  As many in the Northeast will remember, last spring was frought with rain, and the devistation of Hurricane Irene.  The storm that left destruction is it's wake, which to date is still evident throughout parts of the state, in the opinion of many has also impacted the turkey season this spring.  Personally I feel (and make no mistake I have no scientific data to support this hyothosis) that the early spring this year has as much to do with this seasons challenges as anything.

The birds are just quiet this year according to many reports as hunters stop by the Beagle Outdoor Wear Factory Store in Johnson to discuss the season.  Many folks are bemoaning the weather, some are blaming the early spring which caused the breeding to start earlier than usual...perhaps.  Regardless of the reason, it is a fact that the birds are quiet and it will be the hard working turkey hunter who bags his or her bird this spring.  All of this said, those that have tagged a bird in the 2012 Youth Season or so far during the regular season have harvested some outstanding birds.  The take home lesson from this year is to stick with it, work hard and have a great time in the woods. The jakes are bigger, the toms are bigger and all of them are smarter.   Best of luck to everyone out there this spring.

New Web Site

If you are reading this, our very first shot at the all New Beagle Blog you have certainly noticed the new and tricked out Beagle Outdoor Wear web site.  We are very proud of the new site and the many exciting opportunities it will provide for us to interact with our valued customers and friends across the country.  When we purchased the company in December of 2010 we immediately decided our new site needed to be interactive, clean and easy to use, both for the customer and us.  This new beaglewear.com does just that.  We hope you enjoy the site, the up coming additons; such as our Beagle Blog, videos and the many picutres shared by our customers and friends all over the US and Canada.

Thank you to everyone who has visited us on Facebook and who supports our product and our business.  We will continue to work hard to offer the best product possible to our customers, and strive to honor your loyalty with outstanding customer service, and the highest quality product.  US MADE, by hunters for hunters.