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At long last the winter (or what there was of it) is over and with the arrival of May comes the Spring Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt in Vermont.  As many in the Northeast will remember, last spring was frought with rain, and the devistation of Hurricane Irene.  The storm that left destruction is it's wake, which to date is still evident throughout parts of the state, in the opinion of many has also impacted the turkey season this spring.  Personally I feel (and make no mistake I have no scientific data to support this hyothosis) that the early spring this year has as much to do with this seasons challenges as anything.

The birds are just quiet this year according to many reports as hunters stop by the Beagle Outdoor Wear Factory Store in Johnson to discuss the season.  Many folks are bemoaning the weather, some are blaming the early spring which caused the breeding to start earlier than usual...perhaps.  Regardless of the reason, it is a fact that the birds are quiet and it will be the hard working turkey hunter who bags his or her bird this spring.  All of this said, those that have tagged a bird in the 2012 Youth Season or so far during the regular season have harvested some outstanding birds.  The take home lesson from this year is to stick with it, work hard and have a great time in the woods. The jakes are bigger, the toms are bigger and all of them are smarter.   Best of luck to everyone out there this spring.

New Web Site

If you are reading this, our very first shot at the all New Beagle Blog you have certainly noticed the new and tricked out Beagle Outdoor Wear web site.  We are very proud of the new site and the many exciting opportunities it will provide for us to interact with our valued customers and friends across the country.  When we purchased the company in December of 2010 we immediately decided our new site needed to be interactive, clean and easy to use, both for the customer and us.  This new beaglewear.com does just that.  We hope you enjoy the site, the up coming additons; such as our Beagle Blog, videos and the many picutres shared by our customers and friends all over the US and Canada.

Thank you to everyone who has visited us on Facebook and who supports our product and our business.  We will continue to work hard to offer the best product possible to our customers, and strive to honor your loyalty with outstanding customer service, and the highest quality product.  US MADE, by hunters for hunters.