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A Company That Is More Than Meets the Eye

Most of the folks who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and visit our website know Beagle Outdoor Wear.  You are all aware of the high quality US Made outer wear from the mountains of Vermont made for hunters by hunters.   Well I am sure you are not aware of the rest of the story.  C.A.B.N Outdoors, LLC is the mother ship of sorts for Beagle Outdoor Wear.  Derek and I formed the company in December of 2010 for the purpose of purchasing the exsiting Beagle Outdoor Wear product line and expanding the company to a leader in the industry.  Our commitment to maintaining a Vermont base of manufacturing, producing the finest wool garments available on the market is the foundation of our company. 

Over the past two years we have been extremely blessed by the reception our products continue to receive across the country.  Our focus on growth of the product and market reach remains as strong today as in December of 2010.  In 2013 we will be launching new Beagle Outdoor Wear product lines and we are looking toward a stronger future for our organization. To that end we are expanding existing  CONTRACT MANUFACTURING as well as CUSTOM EMBROIDERY services.   Our staff of professsionals is excited to be working with a variety of companies with the commitment to US manufacturing to bring their products to market. 

Our embroidery department is putting decades of experience to work for municipalities, private businesses, school systems and individuals throughout our area.  Whether the project requires logo digitization, design assistance or the simplest of embellishment, our staff welcomes every opportunity. 

So as you can see there is some real wizardry behind the Beagle Outdoor Wear brand.

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